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From the Pantheon of best liqueur and eau de vie producer, Massenez deign visit the mere mortal hurried Mixologists, with their splendid Cocktail Concentrates. Massenez's originality, unmatched by any other brand yet, is to provide the finished final cocktail, minus the ice or the odd fruit juice, or leaf and of course, with the unequalled Massenez quality. Thus they make sure that the concentrates include their best, vodka, or cognac or cointreau, or Eau de vie de Poire William (William Pear Brandy) or Eau de vie de Mirabelle (Cherry plum brandy) or Eau de vie de Kirsch (Cherry brandy)  etc.. + their magnificent liqueurs + whatever else they don't tell us about, being part of their superior know how. Obviously the cocktail concentrates are meant for the Caterer, the Cruise ship, the banquet restaurant, the very large functions, the special event etc. when each cocktail must be ready in a fraction of a second and still, be excellent. To the top Mixologists, Massenez suggest to continue with their vast choice of liqueurs, and perhaps to only keep the odd bottle of cocktail concentrate, for the sudden unexpected surge, but it goes without saying.