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About us - Cerbaco distibution

About Us

At Cerbaco, over the last 35 years, we have endeavoured to always search and find the very gems of Spirits, Aperitifs and Liqueurs. Often they are confidential, non-commercial, artisanal, beautifully authentic and sincere in their quality. For example, at Cerbaco when we sell a 35-year-old Cognac, all the ingredients are aged 35 years, compared to some competitors and suppliers which simply have aged parts of their Cognac for 35 years. When purchasing from Cerbaco, you know you’re getting quality, sincerity and honesty.

Initially we knew well the two or three star restaurants of France, who carried such products and would never have touched any commercial spirit. They introduced us to their producers who deemed us worthy of their trust. And over the years, with that same philosophy we pride ourselves to have widened the range and offer not the best known, but just the best of Gins, Whiskies, Rhum Agricoles, Calvados, Aperitifs, Bitters, Tequilas, Vermouths, Absinthes, Liqueurs, Ciders, Armagnacs and many more.

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