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Bakery Hill Distillery is a family owned and operated distillery that has been producing world renowned single malt whiskies for over 20 years. In addition to producing and selling whisky products, the Bakery Hill team has a passion for educating Victorians and people from all over the world on how real whisky is made and how it can be enjoyed. The distillery was founded by former chemistry teacher David Baker, who was tired of being told the only place where whisky could be made was Scotland, because of the ‘special air and water’. David set out to prove a point, that exceptional whiskies could be made outside of Scotland and specifcally in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Over the following decades, Bakery Hill has done just that. The distillery has received widespread local and global recognition, including being named SouthernHemisphere Whisky of the Year 2020 and Best Small Distillery Whisky of the Year 2005 by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Bakery Hill

  • Australia

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