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Our friends, Paulette and Victor GONTIER who have supplied us for 25 years their farmer ciders from the Domfrontais area of Normandy, have upon their late retirement stopped making cider and have passed on their apples & pears to their neighbour Gerard Therese Boudet whom from we are getting our ciders now. The change is barely perceptible since the beauty of Gontier ciders was their rusticity, well, there is just a bit more of it in Gerard?s. True connoisseurs of ciders will love the rough beauty. By French law, ciders must be made only and exclusively from cider apples and pears which are far fetched from table apples so much so that they are inedible as a fruit, being so bitter and so sweet and with such a long aromatic palette. But for cider, they are the best and particularly the ones from the Gontier / Gerard area where the share of pears is much higher. However, lovers of fake ciders, carbonated, synthetically flavoured, sweetened, watered down and neutral alcoholised, must abstain. The authenticity will shock them. But, ? this is what real cider should be !! By the way, Paulette and Victor are still distilling their splendid Domfrontais vintage calvados, they just get the cider, from their fruit, from Gerard!

Gerard Therese

  • France

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