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The archipelago of Guadeloupe is often listed as one of the best rum destinations,where the rhum is appreciated for its signature flavour. There are nine distilleries in the Guadeloupe Islands and centuries-old traditions in distillation are still used to produce multi-awarded labels. In Basse-Terre, you will find Domaine de Severin, Distillerie Bologne, Distillerie Longueteau and Distillerie Reimonenq (where the Musée du Rhumis located). In Grande-Terre, there is Distillerie Damoiseau and in Marie-Galante, the small flat island there are Distillerie Bellevue, Distillerie Bielle and Distillerie Poisson (also known as Rhum du Père Labat). One could claim that Domaine de Severin could be the best with also Distillerie Bielle. But it comes at a price. Here again the Rhum is “Agricole “, the Appellation restricts production to the short best season for the cane to pack aromas, compels that all and only the fresh juice of the cane be used, contrary to 95% of the world rums using the left-overs (Molasses, stalks) of the sugar refining industry. Agricole Rum belongs to the world of cognac or Armagnac, whenever Traditional Rum (also known as Industrial) is in the grappa / pomace world.

Domaine de Severin

  • Guadeloupe

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