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Our GAMBETTA, our non alcoholic aperitif from famous Provence in France is going back at least a few centuries as a maceration of plants, fruits and barks (presently around fifty) and in Marseille if you do not drink an alcoholic "Pastis" you will get suspicious and dangerous mafia states unless you have a Gambetta with sparkling water. The name in the 19th century was taken from France famous MP for Marseille in 1989, Leon Gambetta who tried vainly to prevent France from going to war with Prussia and being defeated, prompting the Revenge of the 1st World War and the opposite revenge of the 2nd World War and the consequences still felt today. ( So .....drink Gambetta for Peace sake ) Leon Gambetta was famous for fleeing Paris under siege by Prussians in 1870 in an hot air balloon all the way from Paris to Tours (A world First in distance). Leon flirted a bit with the Commune of Paris in 1871 (Triggering the word "Communist") but not enough to be sent as a convict to New Caledonia and ended up being the main creator and supporter of the 3rd French Republic and died in 1882.


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