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The young Espiritus distillery is located in Monterrey in northeastern Mexico, it specializes in the production of premium rum with only one brand in its portfolio: Pixan. Inspired by Mexican culture, Pixan (pishán) is a word from the Mayan culture which means "Spirit that gives life", which perfectly represents the universe and the spirit of the brand. Tequila, the emblematic spirit of Mexico, is of great influence in the manufacture of Pixan, the bottle used is a typical Mexican bottle of Tequila.


The molasses used comes from a small village called Saint Luis Potosi, which benefits from an ideal climate for growing cane. The molasses is then transported to Monterrey, a city surrounded by mountains including the famous "Cerro de la Silla" mountain, which welcomes Pixan to provide rum lovers with an incredible and unique experience of what Mexico is. This Mexican rum breaks the codes of local spirits, Mexico is not only a producer of Tequila, but it can also produce exceptional spirits by showing the world that their rum can compete with the big brands in the category. Attached to its culture Pixan wishes to become the face of Mexican rum.


Pixan is an artisanal rum elaborated in the region of Monterrey, Mexico, which is aged in oak barrels and then blended to make a unique combination of flavours. It is handcrafted in small batches of 300 litres with sugar cane from San Luis Potosi. Pixan is the only high-quality artisanal rum in Mexico that will make you experience a little of the Mexican culture. Love, passion and hard work were put into this bottle to bring it to life for you to enjoy


  • Mexico

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